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Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phillips 66 and operates approximately 15,000 miles of pipeline and more than 50 storage terminals across the United States. Each day, Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC safety transports raw petroleum products, like crude oil, and refined products, like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.  Learn more at www.phillips66pipeline.com.

With Integrity

Pipelines are the most reliable method to move energy products. Operations are performed under many government regulations and industry standards to help meet our nation’s growing economic and energy needs. Regulations address all aspects of pipeline operation, such as where pipelines are built and how each is operated, tested and maintained. Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC strives to exceed standards for every requirement and best practice.

To Safety &

Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC employs numerous tactics to ensure the safety of its communities, including:

  • Inspecting surface conditions via air or on foot
  • Sophisticated operational and safety training of employees
  • 24-hour remote monitoring of lines using advanced technologies
  • Proactively clearing easements
  • Sharing preparedness resources with local responders, officials and others who work or live near Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC lines
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With Schools

Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC recognizes that schools are uniquely challenged to keep their faculty, students, and community residents safe. Schools are also positioned to share key pipeline safety information to residents in the communities where we operate. Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC educates schools about the existence of pipelines, pipeline safety best practices and action planning on what to do if a school member suspects a leak.

Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC also sponsors programs for students (through the Safe at Home curriculum for fourth and fifth graders) and administrators (through the Safe at School program).

Air Products (NYSE:APD) is a world-leading Industrial Gases company celebrating 75 years of operation.  Approximately 19,000 employees in 50 countries strive to make Air Products the world's safest and best performing Industrial Gases company, providing sustainable offerings and excellent service to all customers.  Learn more at www.airproducts.com.